Monthly Pulse – October 2017

In Monthly Pulse by John Temple

In our monthly Pulse you can find and download the trends in category sales across beer, wine, and spirits from the transactions of Drizly’s leading-indicator audience.

Highlights for October 2017: Liquor has had a late start to the season as it experiences its first slight share loss of total alcohol in October, down 2% vs. last October. Beer is still on the decline though its losses are no longer accelerating, down 13% vs. last October, a slight improvement from the 15% it was down in September. Wine has experienced its strongest growth yet, up 10%.

Tequila has shot up with a large gain, up 23% in liquor share and now up to 11% of category by sales. Tequila is up at a time that most light spirits begin to drop off for the winter. Rum has seen the largest contraction within liquor, down 13% over last September. The bucket of other liquors has experienced strong growth though from the small base of only 1-2%, which has been driven by a combination of mezcal and ready-to-drink. Within wine, Rose is up over last year through now down to 6% of wine sales, down from its peak at 15% in July. Champagne continues to lag its 2016 share, a chunk of which has been lost to consumers switching to Rose. Within beer, ales and cider are both up, 5% and 7%, respectively. The ale share is largely driven by the success of IPA sales.