Monthly Pulse – January 2018

In Monthly Pulse by John Temple

In our monthly Pulse you can find and download the trends in category sales across beer, wine, and spirits from the transactions of Drizly’s leading-indicator audience.

Highlights for January 2018: This January, beer bounced back from a compressed Q4 yet continues to decline year over year, down 13% in share versus the prior January. Wine is up 6% versus prior year while liquor gained 1% in share. 

We have reorganized the way we analyze beer segmentation, moving away from the lager and ale distinction to craft, domestic, and imports (Mexican imports and all other imports). Within this beer construct, specialty beer and cider both grew quickly, each up double digits in beer share, while craft grew 9% in share over the prior January. Within liquor, tequila was up over 20% in liquor share though off of a weak comp last January. Brandy, including cognac, continues to grow as does the long tail of other liquor categories. Within wine, rosé continues to grow as it becomes more of a year round beverage while Champagne & Sparkling contracts.