Monthly Pulse – February 2018

In Monthly Pulse by John Temple

In our monthly Pulse you can find and download the trends in category sales across beer, wine, and spirits from the transactions of Drizly’s leading-indicator audience.

Highlights for February 2018: This February, beer sales continued to decline year over year despite the Super Bowl beer volume. Wine’s share of total alcohol sales increased 5% to 45%, up from 43% last February while liquor is up 1% in share.

Within liquor, tequila and brandy are the biggest winners, up 12% and 17%, respectively, in share of the category, taking share from gin and vodka. The small other liquor category has also seen growth, driven by ready to drink beverages and mezcal. Within wine, rosé continues to soar as with drink’s popularity starts even earlier in the year, up to 4% of wine sales in February and projected to peak at over 15% of Drizly wine sales in July. Specialty beer and cider have both seen strong growth, a reversal for cider over its 2017 trend, though both are still relatively small components of beer spend. Craft beer is growing but at a much more modest pace, while macro domestics and imports are losing share.