48% of Craft Beer Bought is Brewed within the Drinker’s Home State

In Distillery by John Temple

The craft beer movement may be slowing down, but people still prefer their craft beers brewed close to home. We investigated the “buying local” trend to understand which states had the most pride in their home-grown hops.

Looking across Drizly’s markets, 48% of craft beer sales are considered local, meaning they’re from a brewery based in the same state as the buyer. This metric of local beer as a percent of domestic craft beer helps us understand which states have the strongest affinity for local beer, controlling for the amount of beer any given state drinks and the number of people living there. Looking across markets, Colorado and Texas lead the way in drinking their own craft beer, while states like New Jersey lag as they neither drink nor produce much craft beer.

These are the top local craft brands that Colorado and Texas residents love:


  • New Belgium Brewing Company
  • Oskar Blues Brewery
  • Odell Brewing Co.


  • Shiner Beer
  • Austin Beerworks
  • Austin Eastciders

Because of the local craft beer boom in the last 10 years, folks have developed a preference for drinking homegrown brews. This trend occurs particularly strongly during the summer months when people are sampling new and unfamiliar beers.

Local beer drinkers share a few distinct traits that separate them from average eCommerce beer buyers. First, while men make up the majority of beer drinkers, when it comes to craft beer, women are slightly more likely to buy local.

Second, while local beer appeals to customers of all LDAs, it resonates more with millenial drinkers.

Take a look to see which states are home to the largest craft beer sales and the most popular craft beer brand in each state.

Consumers have preferred locally brewed beer since the days of Prohibition. Drinking local fills people with not only beer, but pride. Beer drinkers are proud to drink beers that represent their home, which is why Drizly makes it easy to find homegrown beers with Local badges on products from a consumer’s home state. Despite an abundance of national alternatives, consumers value their local craft breweries and show a strong preference for buying beers produced in their backyard.

*Note: Beer origin based on headquarters of manufacturing company. Craft definition from Brewers Association. Certain states excluded from analysis due to low sample sizes.