Gifts Jump 185% In December, Whiskey and Champagne Own The Occasion

In Distillery by John Temple

As winter arrives and holiday spirit is in the air, Drizly consumers start acting a bit more generous. That is, they start gifting beer, wine, and spirits instead of (or in addition to) ordering it for themselves.

December is by far the biggest month for alcohol gifting, representing a 185% increase over the rest of the year as a percentage of orders. Gifts make up 4% of Drizly’s orders in a given year, though this figure spikes to 9% of total orders in December.

Over the last 12 months, there have been a number of key gifting days as well. Several days in the week leading up to Christmas saw gifts at all time highs at 15-17% of orders. As we are not yet in the height of gifting season this December, the largest gifting day of 2017 to date is Valentine’s Day at 14% of orders.

What Do People Gift?

Drizly consumers’ gifting habits differ from how they order for themselves. First of all, the average price of a gifted item is 84% higher than a non-gifted item. This gifting premium varies by type of alcohol, with the largest premium seen on wines, more than doubling their non-gift price. Liquor also experiences a significant premium with the average liquor gift bottle costing more than $50. Beer experiences almost no gifting price premium.

In terms of the types of products gifted, liquor is disproportionately the biggest category, representing a 30% larger share of gifted products than non-gifted products, followed closely by wine at a 20% larger share. Beer on the other hand represents less than 10% of all gifting sales.

Looking deeper into the types of alcohol gifted, 57% of all gifts are either Whiskey or Champagne/Sparkling wine, as these two categories dominate the gifting market.

There are a few brands that are consistently on Drizly’s most gifted listed. Veuve Clicquot and Dom Perignon, two high-end Champagnes, rank high not only in absolute gifting spend, but also on the frequency of gifting vs non-gifting. Veuve Clicquot is gifted 12x as often as it is purchased for personal consumption.

In terms of Whiskey, Scotch is a much more popular gift than Bourbon, with The Macallan and Johnnie Walker ranking as the 4th and 5th most gifted brands, respectively. Scotch’s proportion of gift sales is almost 2x its share of non-gifts and comprises almost 50% of all Whiskey giving.

Who is Gifting?

Both men and women gift on Drizly, though women appear to be slightly more charitable. Year round, women slightly outpace men in gifts as a percent of total orders, peaking at 11% of orders as gifts in December.

Looking across the country, most states hover around the national average of 4% of orders as gifts. However, California is a generous outlier, with almost 10% of orders given as gifts year-round.

At Drizly, we are constantly diving into our data to understand the many alcohol buying occasions of our consumers. If you are curious about how gifting impacts your brand, feel free to reach out; we’d love to chat. Plus, if you want to try giving a gift of your own, go ahead and give the gift of Drizly this season!