Active Shelf Price

In order for retailers to be able to sell product via Drizly, we require that their product availability and pricing are maintained, accurate, and accessible by our system. As a result, anyone could go to or download the app and see active shelf prices for retailers across the country.

This dataset will make analyzing independent retailer pricing data easier while protecting retailer privacy. It’s attributes are below. Click here to request access.

Here is a snippet of the type of data being released in our active shelf price datasets:

What fields are included?

  • Item Name
  • Item Brand
  • Item Category (e.g., Beer, Wine, Liquor, Extras)
  • Item Subcategory (e.g., Ale, Red Wine, Vodka)
  • Hashed Item ID (corresponds to the item name)
  • Volume & Volume Units (e.g. 750mL)
  • Container & Container Quantity (e.g. 12 Cans)
  • Hashed Master Item ID (corresponds to the item as well as volume and container specifications)
  • Shelf Price
  • Retailer State & City
  • Hashed Retailer ID

What time period is represented in the data?

The data is a beginning of the month snapshot view of inventory price at the end of the day on the first day of each month. This is the true shelf price; no averages or other aggregations are made.

Which products are included in this dataset?

Products that have been sold in the previous 90 days at Drizly partner stores, with some exclusions.

How can I get access to additional Drizly data beyond price?

Contact us to learn more about opportunities for data partnerships.