About Drizly Data Distillery

Drizly is the leading alcohol eCommerce marketplace in the US serving 40+ markets across 25 states. The Data Distillery is Drizly’s home for beer, wine, and spirits insights. As a facilitator of beverage alcohol eCommerce since 2012, our rich datasets are able to produce accurate insights faster than anything on the market. We are excited to share this eCommerce data as our consumers are the trend setters in the industry.

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What is The Drizly Data Distillery?

Drizly’s data hub. It’s where we examine our alcohol eCommerce data and interpret its effect on the world of beer, wine and spirits. Right now, we’re offering two ways to glean insights. First, read through our latest findings to explore the conclusions we’ve distilled after parsing the data. Or roll up your sleeves, pour a drink and stay on the cutting-edge of the industry by experimenting with the raw numbers yourself via our raw data.

Why are you doing this?

In 2012, we set out to do our part to responsibly push the beverage alcohol industry forward. But we believe advancement is only possible if we all move forward together. We’ve gleaned important insight into the evolving world of beverage alcohol as we’ve become the largest beer, wine, and spirits eCommerce platform in North America. The Drizly Data Distillery will be an asset to every member of the three-tiered system interested in moving the industry forward.

What are Drizly’s Findings?

Data makes Drizly tick. It’s a part of every decision we make. Naturally, some insights that we tease out of our own data are important to the industry at large. Findings are conclusions we’ve drawn on pivotal industry topics, both as they relate to eCommerce and the alcohol industry as a whole. We’ll be publishing insights here regularly. Make sure to subscribe.

What’s included in Drizly’s raw datasets?

CSVs that allow end users to manipulate raw data to glean insights that matter to them. We’re making this data available to bring much needed transparency to the alcohol industry.

How does Drizly ensure consumer privacy?

As a technology company that works with consumers, the privacy of our consumers is of the utmost importance. We only share aggregated trends and never share any information that would identify an individual consumer.

How can I access Drizly’s data?

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  • Request access to our free raw datasets.
  • Inquire to learn more about accessing more robust and insightful data that can help you make data-driven decisions.