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“We created Drizly to be the best way for consumers to buy beer, wine, and spirits. To do so, we’ve relentlessly analyzed our own data every day to understand the needs of our customers, the trends they’re driving, and where the industry is headed. It’s time we share that knowledge with the industry.”
– Cory Rellas, CEO

Alcohol analytics for the modern era

The Data Distillery will publish Drizly curated findings on trends in the industry and will make raw datasets available to industry members. The Data Distillery also grants industry members the ability to partner with Drizly to access data and analytics that will help to transform their business.

Powerful Data

Trend-setting consumers

Drizly’s millennial, early-adopter customer base is a leading indicator of what’s on the horizon.

Customer level

Understand who’s buying what, when, where, with what else, and more.

Independent retailers

Small stores, untracked anywhere else, are setting the trends before they reach Big Box retailers.

Actionable Insights

Marketing effectiveness

Curious how your marketing programs are performing both on and offline? Our data can help.

Informed pricing

Know a brand’s shelf price at independent retailers across the country in real time.

Product innovation

Watch category growth across a trend setting user base to know what’s real and what’s noise.

Interested in accessing more granular data that is actionable for your beverage alcohol company?

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Data Distilled functions to provide the alcohol industry with the same leading indicators of market trends that we at Drizly see every day.

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